Movement of time and space
Expansiveness of sky
Mysteries of the night
Hope in tiny green leaves
Quietude of shelter
Intuitive sense of hiding

The poetry, writings and art of:
Jalalud’din Rumi
Henry David Thoreau
Gaston Bachelard
Morris Graves


…a monk should live in a world where there is neither passage of time nor length of time. He should live a life that is not measured by the calendar. A sense of beauty, similarly, is timeless: it may be said to exist at this very instant, unbounded by past or future, and a beautiful object may be said to exist on this very spot, unbounded by right or left.
-Soetsu Yanagi, The Unknown Craftsman
Creating images and objects of beauty and visual poetry that express reverence offers me grounding.  Enough time has passed by in my creative life to notice that I spiral through ideas and concerns.  I discover tiny roots of an idea were hidden in previous works, but have emerged in a different way.  Completely understanding a narrative while creating is not important. I’ve learned to not question the internal juxtaposition of imagery, to listen and let the work lead me.  A conversation with paper, wax, branches, brush, pen, saw and twine.