Gaia and Geometry

© Catherine Nash "Spiral"

The ancients observed the spiral unfolding of nature in all around them, mirrored in the sprouting of a seed, the radiating center of a flower, the proportions of the human form, the relationship of the Earth to the solar system, the turn of a galaxy.  The spiral is a profound image of the movement of time and space.  Miranda Lundy writes, "Sacred geometry charts the unfolding of number in space."

I am inspired by things that make me wonder. I can spend hours staring into the sky, mesmerized by the expansiveness of the sky...pondering on our place in the universe. The turning of day to night is a display of vast beauty, subtle color shifting as the earth moves.  Many are afraid of the night, the dark, the inability to see. But our eyes will adjust and shapes can be discerned. There is a gradation to the night sky, to the depth of space.  In my recent work, images of skies are seen juxtaposed with geometrical diagrams alongside antique instruments of measure. I am interested in discovering a secret and intimate inner space: inner balance within a world and life that cannot be fully explained.